bowmo is HRTech
Made by Recruiters for Recruiters

Why bowmo

Shorten Fill Time

Organizations and agencies have high talent acquisition costs which are made increasingly higher by the time it takes to fill each job

Shorten Fill Time Shorten Fill Time

Use data you already have

Recruiters can see immediate improvement with bowmo, which the best recruiters use for predictive insights, to leverage the Big Data in their ATS' for talent acquisition, job sourcing and candidate engagement

Use data you already have Use data you already have

Brings efficiency to recruiting

bowmo was started, designed and is continuously deployed to bring efficiency to recruiting and evolving the Human Capital industry in total

Brings efficiency to recruiting Brings efficiency to recruiting

Less Recruiting, More Connecting

If you seek more time outside of your ATS and sorting resumes and want time with your clients, business partners, and best matched candidates ..... Go bowmo!

Less Recruiting, More Connecting Less Recruiting, More Connecting
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Multiple Convenient Access Points

You can access bowmo's intelligent app solution on your
desktop, laptop, mobile devices and tablets

Multiple Convenient Access Points Multiple Convenient Access Points

Version 1.30