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Official Press Release by: bowmo, Inc on

May 27, 2020

NEW YORK, NY, MAY 27, 2020 – bowmo™, Inc., a New York City–based SAAS HR company, has announced changes to the Company Management and Board of Directors as part of its new business and investment strategies.

Launched in 2015 by Eddie Aizman and his associate with founders’ money, bowmo™ (“the Company”) raised additional seed capital funds allowing it to launch a beta release that has resonated with bowmo™’s target market from the start. Between 2015 and 2019, Aizman raised over $3M from private investors, which allowed the Company to continue further development of the platform while successfully acquiring additional market share. However, by Q3 2019, no additional funding had been raised by the Company.

Today, bowmo™’s ultimate goal is to raise new capital funds required to drive the Company forward with an improved platform, a new and revitalized team, and a much bigger vision.

The Company believes that in the post-COVID-19 world, as we move forward, current options for recruiting will change dramatically, with more people looking for work and fewer options for cost-effective recruitment solutions that currently only serve the largest companies. The global pandemic has inevitably reshaped the hiring process. Companies are increasingly shifting toward virtual hiring as a necessity to mitigate risks, so bowmo™’s ultimate objective is to stay ahead of the competition with the Company’s advanced V-RPO platform powered by AI.

In order to successfully implement bowmo™’s new strategic initiatives, the Company went through a restructuring of its management team. Michael J. Bekiarian, who served as the Chief Executive Officer of bowmo™, Inc., since 2017, has decided to relinquish his daily operational responsibilities as CEO to Co-founder and President, Eddie Aizman, for undisclosed personal reasons. Bekiarian subsequently requested that the Board of Directors appoint him Chief Strategy Officer. The bowmo™ Board of Directors granted Bekiarian’s request, and he now serves the company as a Strategic Adviser, where he focuses on expanding channel relationships and opening up unique business opportunities that result from within his network.

Upon Bekiarian’s resignation, Aizman was unanimously appointed as bowmo™’s new CEO by the Board of Directors. Aizman is a recruiting-industry veteran with two decades of “in the trenches” work as a leader of a high-volume staffing organization in New York City. It was Aizman’s vision that started the bowmo™ revolution, initiating the development of the Company’s cloud-based software product that sources candidates across several platforms, allowing recruiters to engage applicants in conversation around professional opportunities instead of spending hours of time manually searching for candidates with keywords and Boolean strings. In his new role, Aizman is committed to moving the company forward, and building an even stronger foundation for the future.

In addition, Michael E. Lakshin, who joined bowmo™ in early 2020 as the Company’s Chief Revenue Officer to spearhead its new business and investment strategies, has been appointed bowmo™’s Chairman of the Board and President. As a seasoned business executive and serial entrepreneur, Lakshin brings more than 28 years of start-up and senior business-management experience, as well as capital markets expertise to the team. As Chairman, Lakshin’s responsibilities will be to provide leadership to the Board and strategic direction for the company. As President, he will offer support and work collaboratively with Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer Eddie Aizman, by managing budgets, staff, and executives, and evaluating the success of the Company.

The Board of Directors has also appointed Brian Enochson, bowmo™’s existing Chief Technology Officer and original platform architect, to fill the newly created vacancy on the Board as a Director; and promoted Lawrence Zilberman, who successfully served in several positions alongside Aizman since the formation of the Company, as Chief Operating Officer of the Corporation.

In his closing remarks and before the dismissal of the Board of Directors meeting, Aizman said, “We truly appreciate everything that Michael J. Bekiarian has done for bowmo™ as CEO since 2017 and are happy that he has decided to remain with bowmo™ in an advisory capacity. In his role as Chief Strategy Officer, Bekiarian brings more than 15 years of experience leading SaaS-based, global, HR-related software companies and will be responsible for developing vertical channels and strategic partnerships to fuel bowmo™’s revenue growth. Today, bowmo is in the process of reshaping the company’s short, mid- and long-term goals and will soon launch an exciting business marketing program and investment strategy designed to facilitate rapid growth
and expansion of the business.”

Michael J. Bekiarian added, “I’m looking forward to working closely with our newly restructured leadership team, with the addition of Michael Lakshin as the President and Chairman, and Lawrence Zilberman in the role of Chief Operating Officer, as bowmo™ stands poised to meet the challenges of the post-Covid-19 employment world with a premium experience for job seekers and corporate recruiters.”

About bowmo™, Inc.
Bowmo™, Inc., is a company dedicated to the talent engagement and career search industry. Utilizing its proprietary, AI-based talent/job-matching engine, bowmo™ has taken career/candidate matching to a new level. No longer do companies seeking talent have to utilize multiple job boards with archaic keywords and Boolean-initiated searches. With bowmo™, recruiting agencies and corporate talent engagement professionals need only to upload a job description to connect to hundreds of millions of candidates from the largest job boards. Bowmo™ requires just one job-description upload, matching candidates to jobs in real time within minutes.

In response to the pandemic crisis, bowmo™ is turning its search engine around. In the near future, job seekers will be able to access large pool of open jobs within the bowmo™ platform by simply uploading their résumés into the bowmo™ job-matching portal. Bowmo™ will match candidates to millions of open jobs within their areas across multiple job boards. There will be no need to subscribe to multiple boards and manage each one separately—bowmo™ will consolidate it all, reading the résumés and finding jobs that match the skills and experience of the applicants.

With bowmo™, both job seekers and talent-hiring professionals can access a single-source software that serves both groups with unparalleled services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The bowmo™ V-RPO also provides on-demand video-interview portal and as assessment tools.

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Official Press Release by: bowmo, Inc

May 27, 2020

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