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Matt Kupferman

Chairman and Strategic Advisor

Matthew C. Kupferman is Chairman and Strategic Advisor to bowmo, Inc. He provides crucial and opportunity guidance, negotiation leadership to bowmo, Inc. and helps to build the bench strength of the company. He has a leadership philosophy focused on balanced organizational structures, talent and investment towards people; employees in order to develop sustainable products and services, satisfied and delighted customers. He is also the former President of Global Software, Inc. – a privately held company and the leading provider of Microsoft Excel-based automation and reporting software solutions. The Company incubated Peopleclick, Inc. and Mediclick, which are both companies that sell human resources and materials management software that facilitates recruitment & hiring, and strategic supply sourcing respectively. With experience developing seven – figure organizations and investments, bowmo depends on Matthew’s clear, conscious, and actionable advisory insights to assure that the business thrives and sets benchmarks for massive success amongst the sea of tech firms and software innovators in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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