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Brian Enochson

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Enochson oversees and directs the technology, software design, and product deployment as well as data security, proprietary engineering , live production and testing for bowmo.

He has leadership and oversight of the development, massive data forces and the Engineers and Technologists that power and provide the bowmo SaaS and its functionality . Brian is both a seasoned Software Developer, Technologist , Educator and Recruiter. His career includes time spent overseas in Germany in the military as a Technology Manager and then in the United States where he spent several years as a Tech Recruiter placing professional technology and IT candidates in corporate and government organizations. Building and developing notable top grade solutions, systems, and innovative technologies from concept to software to digital distribution is nothing new to Brian.

Having also been a both a technologist and a recruiter , he understands that delivering the best people and affecting ecosystems with smart solutions and inventions creates cultural shifts. Proof of that is his work as the former Chief Technologist at HBO. There Brian and his team created HBO GO, the “TV anytime experience” for HBO subscribers. It began with iOS and Android and has since spanned 8 different launches. With applications of bowmo SaaS in both systems Brian’s leadership assures that bowmo is mobile agnostic and pushing to the head of the pack in HRTech.

Version 1.30