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bowmo Goes to Drexel University to Talk Jobs, HRTech and Marketing Communications

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November 10, 2017

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On October 25th, bowmo, Inc.’s Chief Marketing Officer, Adrienne A. Wallace and UI/UX Designer, Christina Grillo lectured to nearly 70 pre-junior to senior undergraduates at Drexel University. The students are all taking Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communications in the LeBow College of Business, taught by Dr. YanLiu Huang (Professor of Marketing and Advertising).

The lecture focused on the evolution of HR Technology with Adrienne who is an Alumna of Drexel starting with the mid to late 1990s up to today and what types of communication strategies and marketing tools companies used to accompany recruitment advertising and candidate application systems.

The discussion ranged from newspaper classified marketing, how job boards communicate and market to candidates and commercial/enterprise customers to modern day social media integrations by HR technology companies like LinkedIn. Students were then brought up to speed as to the role and accompaniment of brave new cloud based software, bowmo which unlike the ATS(s) – Applicant Tracking Systems that use Boolean Keyword search, goes several steps further to matching candidates by skill while reducing the time it takes to fill an open job. To set expectations for soon-to-graduate students and those getting ready for their next Co-op jobs, Adrienne even discussed the most likely technology used, role, daily work and expectations of Recruiters in both agency and direct enterprise scenarios, something that bowmo knows a great deal about.

Dr. YanLiu Huang, Christina Grillo, and Adrienne A. Wallace

Christina shared the tools and software that she personally uses as a UI /UX Designer and their functionality and efficacy in producing application, webpages and marketing collateral for bowmo.

The students have all experienced Drexel Co-op and have a wide range of exposure from companies like, Comcast Cable, Chubb Insurance, Johnson & Johnson and Lockheed Martin to name a few,
in addition to several other industry leading enterprises and startups.

Many of the students expressed a need for recruiting processes to improve for jobs
in general and told their stories of success or failure connecting or being found by recruiters even for jobs unrelated to Drexel Co-op. The lecture was closed with recommendations of crucial soft and technical skills needed in marketing and advertising ranging from body language, “networking now” on and offline, social media presence and use, the courses to take while in college such as Writing for Business and Statistics and Analytics courses and finally a review of five popular highly recruited jobs for entry to mid-level candidates in marketing and advertising: from Product Manager to Graphic Artist as shared by the AEF.

The visit and lecture were sponsored by bowmo and made possible in association with the ANA’s Education Foundation which leads a new year-old initiative, the CMO Talent Challenge with its associates and members across North America. The initiative serves to make recruiting talent and important priority and to have senior marketers endeavor to nurture and mentor the next generation of marketing leaders especially as marketing and advertising is seeming to lose candidates to other industries.

Adrienne A. Wallace stated, “This is the perfect opportunity for bowmo to extend itself into not only academia where candidate skills are initiated but also address talent efficiency, technology needs and talent marketing while serving as good corporate citizens.  It aligns too well with what we are about to not stand and deliver. The students choosing Marketing & Advertising are determined and we accept a role in bringing enterprises ease and efficiency to the recruiting process, so they are found.”


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November 10, 2017

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