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It's Who We Are in Evolving HRTech

Our Leadership

Vlad Mamut Vlad Mamut

Vlad Mamut

CEO // Co-Founder

Eddie Aizman Eddie Aizman

Eddie Aizman

President, Co-Founder // CRO

Matt Kupferman Matt Kupferman

Matt Kupferman

Corporate Strategy Advisor

Brian Enochson Brian Enochson

Brian Enochson

Chief Technology Officer

Adrienne A. Wallace Adrienne A. Wallace

Adrienne A. Wallace

EVP// Marketing & Brand Engagement

Lina  Mamut Lina  Mamut

Lina Mamut

Lead Product Manager

The Evolution

bowmo, Inc. is providing an intelligent software solution for the staffing and recruiting industry that seamlessly integrates into existing ATS - applicant tracking systems. The company helps to revive the recruiter’s human touch and evolve the candidate sourcing process. bowmo, Inc. embraces the challenges of the recruiter by providing the means to quicker, more efficient and conversant candidate sourcing. Time spent searching and time to hire drops dramatically; freeing the recruiter up to engage more clients and business partners in growing their businesses with the very best matched candidates.

bowmo Was Born on A Napkin. Tell me more!

Version 1.18.1